Political System that is run and controlled by citizens of the country. Democracies are made up of elected representatives and require that governmental measures be voted by these elected representatives or the people. Democracies are not universal and implemented and enforced in different manners. The first democracy traces its roots back to Ancient Greece and since that time democracies have continued to be created across the world.


2 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. Hi There,

    Democracy is only a good thing when the form of government is a republic, that is, a political system wherein the rights of individual citizens mare enshrined in the constitution. Otherwise, democracy just means “Mob Rule”; any “majority” can vote away the rights of minorities. And the smallest minority is the individual. History is replete with “democracies” that have voted themselves into tyranny.

    A republic in which all property is private (including money), and that delineates total separation of state and economics, total separation of state and religion, and wherein the government’s only responsibilities are to defend the individual and the nation through police force, military, and judicial system, is the only system that upholds freedom for all. It’s called Laissez-Faire Capitalism, and unfortunately has never been tried.

    The closest humans came to this ideal was in the first couple hundred years of the United States, but it was not complete (State still had a say in economics and, most damaging, gained control of the money supply), and so that country has deteriorated as socialist elements displaced capitalist ones. Now, America is likely toast… and if it goes, so do we all.

    Government must be limited by law, otherwise one gang or other gains control. Democracy gives a veneer of legitimacy to the process, but in the end the result is the same – lobby group warfare with the “common man” as collateral damage, and individual rights and freedom trampled.


    • Hi Micheal, glad that you liked the post and made a comment. My purpose is not to start a debate about the democracy. I started this blog so that people have a general meaning of things. What happen is that most of the times we use some words in our daily vocabulary and almost 90 times we do not know the meaning of that word. Either we have a faint idea about the word or used it because others are also using it. So i want a platform where I can store and share this words along with other things.

      But I am glad you comment on my blog and hope like it too.

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